Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce Management

Question: Discuss about the Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce Management. Answer: Introduction: The business shall have vegetable suppliers so that salad can be sold in cups and bowls. There are two modes of sourcing the vegetables- wholesalers and farmers. In case of sourcing from the wholesalers such as Guan Hing Sdn. Bhd, the supplier shall provide top quality vegetables while establishing B2B model (Guanhing.com 2017). However, the business model shall involve sourcing of the vegetables directly from the farmers. This is because there can be greater price agility compared to massive shipments. The local suppliers can modify the prices accurately and the delivery period can be shorter. Also, in case the business has a surprise deadline or there is stock crisis, the local famers or suppliers shall be able to deliver the quota as needed. The business shall face both direct and indirect competition. Direct competition is a situation in which two or more business offer similar products and services and there is competition in the same potential market. The business shall face direct competition from The Greenies whose value proposition is to sell goodness in a jar. Greenies sell its salad in a glass jar providing complete accessibility selling in Kuala Lumpur (Thegreenies.com.my 2017). Further, there is direct competition from Farmers Fridge in which the salad is handcrafted and sells in a kiosk in Chicago (Farmersfridge.com 2017). An indirect competitor is Subway that offers sandwiches and food items involving fresh salad. Other food chains such as McDonalds and Pizza Hut are indirect competitors selling comfort food products. Products and services are one of the critical elements of marketing and running a business. Fashion Splash, the e-commerce site shall offer a wide product and service range in the fashion industry. Fashion Splash shall serve as a fashion destination for men and women of all ages as both branded and off-brand products are available. The product range offered for men and women are clothing, watches, bags, sunglasses, footwear and others. Further, additional products such as innerwear, jewellery and cosmetic products shall be offered for women. Such a wide product range shall satisfy the fashion needs for both men and women (Lai, Ulhas and Lin 2012). There are a variety of services that shall be offered at Fashion Splash. Services such as online payment, trust and safety, protection and authentication shall be offered in relation to payment. Further, the company shall offer delivery services in which the people can place order of their products online. They shall have the option to make payment online or cash-on-delivery. After-sales services shall also be offered in which the customers can exchange the products in case of defect, damage or dissatisfaction. The sales executive from Fashion Splash shall collect the products from the customer in case of damage or defect and later it can be replaced with a better product. Instant messaging service shall also be provided where the customers will receive the update of status of their order. Lastly, services to report disputes are also offered in case of any issue (Jiang, Jun and Yang 2015). References Farmersfridge.com, 2017.Farmer's Fridge - Always Fresh. [online] Farmer's Fridge - Always Fresh. Available at: https://www.farmersfridge.com/our-kiosk [Accessed 22 Mar. 2017]. Guanhing.com, 2017.Guan Hing | Malaysia Fruits And Vegetables Wholesale Suppliers. [online] Guanhing.com. Available at: https://www.guanhing.com/ [Accessed 22 Mar. 2017]. Jiang, L., Jun, M. and Yang, Z., 2015. Customer-perceived value and loyalty: how do key service quality dimensions matter in the context of B2C e-commerce?.Service Business, 10(2), pp.301-317. Lai, J., Ulhas, K. and Lin, J., 2012. Assessing and managing e-commerce service convenience.Information Systems Frontiers, 16(2), pp.273-289. Thegreenies.com.my, 2017.The Greenies. [online] The Greenies. Available at: https://www.thegreenies.com.my/ [Accessed 22 Mar. 2017].

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